From 2008 to 2011,
the Department of
Health (DH) in England
developed policy to
improve care for
people suffering falls
and fragility fractures.

Synthesis Medical
contributed to the
development and
dissemination of
this policy.

DH Older People and Dementia Branch
In July 2009, the Department of Health in England published the Prevention Package
for Older People.
The Prevention Package addressed health entitlements such as flu
vaccination and cancer screening, falls and fracture prevention, access to foot care services,
guidance on intermediate care and progress on audiology and telecare. Synthesis Medical
provided consultancy services to the acting National Clinical Director for Older People to
develop the falls and fragility fractures component of the Prevention Package.
NHS Medical Directorate - Clinical Policy and Strategy Division
In April 2010, the Best Practice Tariff (BPT) for fragility hip fracture was implemented.
The BPT is designed to encourage compliance with two key clinical characteristics of best
practice, relating to time to surgery and (ortho) geriatric input. Synthesis Medical provided
consultancy services to the National Clinical Director for Trauma to develop the economic
case for improving treatment and care pathways for patients with fragility fractures. This work
included a major systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature to inform health economic
impact assessment of individual elements of hip fracture care.

An example of best practice
The DH policy on falls and fracture prevention has informed development of similar initiatives
in a growing number of countries. Policymakers, government agencies, healthcare professional
groups and patient organisations in Europe, North America and Oceania have recognised the
potential benefits for their jurisdictions. A consensus has developed among key stakeholders
in New Zealand to implement a policy based on the UK experience, as illustrated in the
Osteoporosis New Zealand strategy, BoneCare 2020.

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