Synthesis Medical
has developed
websites, publications
and practical guides
with patient
organisations in
Europe, North America
and Oceania.

examples of our work
are described here.

Synthesis Medical has supported development of websites for patient organisations in New
Zealand, UK and USA. In 2013, we developed content for the Fracture Prevention CENTRAL
website launched by the National Bone Health Alliance (NBHA) in the United States. During
the first year, the site gained more than 2,000 registered users. Fracture Prevention
CENTRAL, and an associated webinar series, provides a virtual platform for NBHA’s efforts
to drive widespread adoption of Fracture Liaison Services across the United States.
NBHA - Fracture Prevention CENTRAL
Synthesis Medical has authored and edited position papers, reports and peer-reviewed journal
articles for patient organisations. In 2011, we provided editorial services to Osteoporosis
Australia for their comprehensive strategy on building healthy bones throughout life.

Osteoporosis Australia - Building healthy bones throughout life

Practical guides
Implementation of systematic approaches to chronic disease management can be expedited
through provision of practical guides, informed by experience from localities that have
established successful models of care. Making the global experience readily accessible has
become a major focus of our work. An illustration of this is an initiative developed with
Osteoporosis Canada to support widespread adoption of Fracture Liaison Services in all
Canadian provinces.
Osteoporosis Canada – Make the FIRST break the LAST with Fracture Liaison Service

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