Synthesis Medical is an
independent healthcare
consultancy founded in 2005.
During our first 6 years of
operations, we were based in
the UK. In 2011, we relocated
to the Auckland region of
New Zealand.

We have worked with clients
based in Asia, Europe, North
America and Oceania.

Our vision
A world where all people living with
chronic diseases receive high quality,
cost-effective care.

Our mission
To work with policymakers, healthcare
professionals, patient organisations and
private sector companies to develop
and implement systematic approaches
to chronic disease management
throughout the world.



Our goals

1. Fragility fracture care and prevention
Synthesis Medical will continue to play a leading role in national and international efforts
to improve care and prevention of fragility fractures (i.e. fractures caused by osteoporosis).
This will be achieved through widespread implementation of:

i. Hip fracture registries: Registries enable benchmarking of care against
professionally-defined standards.

ii. Secondary Fracture Prevention Programmes: Secondary Fracture Prevention
Programmes – commonly known as Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) – have been
shown to eliminate the pervasive post-fracture osteoporosis care gap in a highly
cost-effective manner.

iii. Primary Fracture Prevention Programmes: Primary Fracture Prevention
Programmes – also known as First Fracture Prevention (FFP) Programmes –
must be developed to case-find people who at high risk of suffering a hip fracture
as their first fragility fracture.

iv. Public Health Campaigns: Public Health Campaigns must be devised
worldwide to increase awareness that people who suffer a first fragility fracture
are at significantly increased risk of suffering subsequent fractures.

2. Other chronic diseases
The conceptual basis for the systematic approach developed for fragility fracture care and
prevention can be applied to any chronic disease. Synthesis Medical has applied this
approach to dementia and is working towards application to other chronic diseases.

3. Global presence
During the current decade, Synthesis Medical will expand its activities in Europe,
North America and Oceania, and develop new business and collaborations in Asia and
South America.

4. Innovation
Synthesis Medical will continue to develop innovative medical education initiatives which
result in high quality, cost-effective care becoming the norm for people living with
chronic diseases.